Hi! Welcome to my portfolio website

My name is Alissa Janse and I'm 22 years old. At the moment I
study communication and multi media design in Utrecht, Netherlands.

My interest in multi media started when I was younger. My parents
gave me a camera that I could use to capture the holidays.
The film rolls my mom bought for me were full within 10 minutes.
There is where my passion for photograpy and film started.
Everything had to be recorded, because every moment could
be a valuable memory for later.

Now, many years later, I have been able to develop myself through
internships, work and projects as part of my education and
also in my spare time.

On this website you can see what I have made so far.
Also you can find my work experience at my LinkedIn page.

Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions you
can go to the "contact" page.